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2020 Witch Challenge

I’m considering running a year-long witchcraft research challenge, but first I’d like to know who’s interested. It’d work like this:

Each month is assigned a topic. Before the month starts, I’ll release information about that months challenge. It’ll involve one task or assignment to complete each week (4 per month) at any time of your choosing. Most of these assignments will involve you posting your findings or final product under the challenge’s hashtag. The idea is that you can then go and read everyone else’s work and learn more that way (e.g. an assignment could be to research and post the properties of a herb of your choosing; you can then read everyone else’s posts to learn more without having to research thirty herbs on your own). I’ll be doing the challenge along with everyone else: the topics will be areas I know enough about to be able to guide the process, but I’ll be learning along with you.


I hope to structure this challenge so that it’s beneficial for all witches, regardless of their skill level. If you’re an expert on a months particular topic, you can drop out of the challenge until the next month. This challenge will be largely theory based, with a few practical components. I’m creating this because I’ve noticed that most of the witchcraft resources available are practical (spells, instructionals, etc.), and there is little attention paid to the why and how of witchcraft. If you don’t know why the spell you’re doing works the way it does, or how the various components affect it, then your craft is inevitably going to be less effective than it could be.

The topics I’m thinking are:




JUN: Astrology

JUL: Spellcraft/Divination

AUG: Green Witchcraft

SEP: Religions (a look at the other spiritual practices of the world to better understand our own)

OCT: Mythology/Hisory of WitchCraft

NOV: Locational Studies (how time, place and location affect magick)

DEC: Ritual Magick/ Meditation & Mind Skills (shielding, visualisation, etc.)

I Will post this in Forums-so if interested-let me know under this same title located:)




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    OK-so Don///I gues it is just us! :) We shall maybe start in July?????


      I have a lot of hit and miss on many witchcraft subjects but I do want to learn more of the craft. Lately I have been reading up on the herbs and the basics on witchcraft. I want to learn more on spells so it would be beneficial to read and have a better understanding on it's structure either it be for health, protection, and money. 


    I like the idea here a lot. Thanks, Oriel!!!

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      Awesome Don! Hope we can get more members interested! :)

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